Lots of Guitar

There’s been a lot of composing, recording and mixing going on of late. Repo Diablo’s debut effort is 85% complete. The songs are going to be a blast to play for everyone. Pat Powell’s vocal prowess can’t be denied. A true master.

The Straight Back Fellows are brewing up something epic. Guitarist/percussionist Rob Shannon’s creating some little gems and is laying down some serious grooves.

Fly The Goat project has moved from the chopping board onto the simmering hot plate.

The Mistachios too are cooking stuff up for events and gigs coming up.

I’ve just mixed and mastered Hurricane Fred’s debut album. Everyone played so great and singer Sara O’Connor is a star!!

For those of you in Sydney the ‘Fred’ has been playing some gigs and will be at Foundry 616 March 12 2019 doing a special concert. Come see Richelle ‘Bootsie’ Booth wail on sax, clarinet, flute and steel drum.