Nigel Date

I am a freelance professional guitarist based in Australia with more than 37 years playing experience.

I work with many of Australia’s finest jazz musicians.

Not only do I play jazz guitar but I play in many other styles as well.

In the capacity of guitarist, bassist, producer, sound engineer, arranger, videographer, graphic design and composer  I have worked in countless recording sessions and live performances. I am well known for being an accompanist for work with singers, violinists, horn players and other guitarists.

Examples of my work can be found on links to be found throughout this website.

 Video performances can be found on my Youtube channel and other links.

My recorded music ranges from alien space rock to old time swinging jazz and acoustic nods to the great Django Reinhardt.

I always try to bring style and energy to every performance whether it be as part of a traditional jazz band in a hotel or festival, session work for TV and radio, wedding bands, gypsy jazz guitar gatherings in cafes, teaching, on the road national or European tours with my brother Ian Date as The Date Brothers.

I can put together ensembles that suit small intimate occasions as a solo guitarist or duo to a large outdoor stage rock production electric ensemble.

Check out the video’s, befriend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or shoot me an email. My world contains some of the best musical talent on offer in Australia and elsewhere.

Music can be heard and purchased at https://nigeldate.bandcamp.com/

Also here cdbaby

or check some more of my music on Soundcloud


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