The Eye Of Chaos

Eye Of Chaos

The Eye of Chaos is from the cosmic outer reaches where sound and electricity are king.

It is an original music project featuring John Maddox on bass and Tim Bradley on drums.

Work is underway on a debut CD release for Christmas 2015.

I’ve been playing music with John and Tim for 15 years. We’ve played hundreds and hundreds of gigs together. We’ve played at the core of other bands, backed up singers, played at fashion shows, weddings, rave parties, festivals, jazz clubs, cafes, clubs and pubs.

John Maddox is a phenomenal bass player, prolific composer and great vocalist. He has a unique style all of his own. John gets asked to do a lot of jobs. I don’t know anyone who knows more songs and in any style going back centuries.

Tim is a great sensitive and dynamic drummer and fantastic percussionist. He’s a popular choice among many musicians for his easy yet quirky style and faultless timekeeping.

The three of us go under many names but The Eye Of Chaos is where we get to write and do our own thing.

The music we try to create is not easily labelled. It’s a fusion of all the rock, jazz and world music styles we each enjoy. It has to be exciting, heavy and unearthly are about the only rules we are adhering too.

Here’s The Eye interpreting the classic jazz standard ‘Angel Eyes’.

Here’s us being a bit nutty with some more jazz


Here’s a bit of us in the studio jamming out ideas

John’s playing a mini bass…He’s equally terrifying on any kind of bass.





There’s lots




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