Fly The Goat

Fly The Goat is John Maddox bass & vocals, Tim Bradley drums & b vocals and Nigel Date guitar & b vocals.

The band (if you have a look at other pages within my site) can play anything from soft acoustic jazz to high energy metal and everything in between.

This incarnation of the trio though plays nothing but the hits. The pop hits of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s largely but just as likely to take requests and play music from any era. Songs from bands like Queen, Toto, Chicago, Bee Gees, ACDC, ABBA, The Police and Kiss all done in Fly The Goats inimitable style and sense of fun.

Plenty of blues, soul and funk from the 60’s onwards thrown in as well. John Maddox and Tim Bradley are a formidable rhythm section. John’s playing is reminiscent of Jaco Pastorius but he has a whole other level of musicality and he has an amazing big range vocal style as well. Tim is playing all the time with jazz bands, African bands, Latin style bands and rock bands and is much in demand for his versatility and engaging style.

Here’s a video