Hurricane Fred

Hurricane Fred is a group of professional experienced musicians that play across the broad musical spectrum of styles.

The members of this band have performed throughout Australia and internationally, appearing at major festivals and as part of touring bands.

Hurricane Fred delivers music of the Caribbean, New Orleans, American South and Latin America. Rooted in the blues and jazz they deliver heavy beats, groovy swing, hard hitting shuffles, smooth latin, hip wiggling Reggae and Calypso.

They can be smooth like a Sazerac cocktail, swampy and bluesy like a lazy afternoon, or as powerful as a category 5 storm.

The band features the beautiful voice of Sara Jeane. She adds that extra special spice on top. Like the chilli in the gumbo.

Hurricane Fred band members are Sara O’Connor on Vocals, Richelle ‘Bootsie’ Booth on Sax, Flute, Clarinet and Steel Drum, Nigel Date on Guitar, Dan Holland on Piano/ Keyboard, Tom Wade on Bass and Adam Barnard on Drums.

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Here’s a short promo introductory video of the band…