Lost Dragon

Nigel Date guitar
Dan Kennedy drums
John Maddox bass and vocalsLost Dragon Nigel Date

Lost Dragon is a cool, rocking, swinging beast of a band.
Like three passionate, driven and slightly crazy professors they cook up riffs and grooves adding influences and mixing styles to create a totally original undeniably funky sound.

Their catalog is music made famous by artists as diverse as Nat King Cole, James Brown, Django Reinhardt and Jaco Pastorius. They explore Texan Blues, Motown, psychedelic acidity, voodoo magic and neo classical progressive rock.

They shift gears constantly like a marvelous musical equivalent of a HG Wellsish futuristic machine.

This is tight small compact unit that is perfect in a bar or an outdoor festival stage. Lost Dragon is a pursuit of excellence in raw beautiful sounds and authentic groove.

John Maddox is undeniably one of the greatest bass players in the Australian music scene. Dan Kennedy is one of New Zealand’s finest exports and is drumming up a storm with a whole host of top Sydney based jazz musicians.

Here’s the guys jamming on a funk classic.




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