Pep T

Pep T is my ‘originals’ songwriting performing band with longtime collaborator bassist singer extraordinaire John Maddox.

Pep T was a band we had in the early 2000s. We had a plethora of fantastic musicians dropping into play and jam with us at one of the many regular gigs we used to do back then. We would play jazz, funk, gypsy music, 60’s rnb, blues, disco. Anything we could think of or seemed suitable. John’s breadth of knowledge with all kinds of music and memory for songs is astounding.

We thought it high time we got the band back together.

We wrote a bunch of songs during the 2021 ‘Covid lockdown’ and made an album ‘Next Man Up’ with some of our other musical friends lending their talents as well.

Pep T will be performing into the future with Tim Bradley in the drum chair.

Here’s ‘Cruisin” from our new album.