The Straight Back Fellows

The Straight Back FellowsNigel Date guitar
Rob Shannon guitar, percussion

and the classic line up include

Tim Bradley drums
John Maddox bass
Dimitri Vouros clarinet

15 years of incredible music.

Classic band that changed the scene.

‘The Straight Back Fellows was my first foray into jazz. In partnership with my oldest musical buddy Rob Shannon (Arabesk). We brought all we knew which was music as varying and different as North Indian classical, neo classical metal, blues, 60’s and 70’s psycedelica, turkish oud, balkan gypsy rhythms and tried to play like Django. Upon meeting 3 young fantastic musicians bassist John Maddox, reeds and piano virtuoso Dimitri Vouros and drummer Tim Bradley the band was formed.

We all wore suits and hats to every gig. One had to become a ‘Fellow’, as to look refined, like we were men of means. We looked like trouble. Pythonesque, macabre even, clowns but super cool. We would make the music as beautiful and unique as we could dare. We were learning how to play and go to the next level. Suddenly we were doing loads of gigs. Concerts, festivals and darlings of the city corporate scene.
Subsequently we were playing gigs with some of Australia’s best jazz musicians and as we learnt off them they were always respectful of our vibe with the music. It was undeniable. It was and is a happiness making band.

The Fellows are always available for work. It is the one band of musicians I’ve been involved with that is constantly asked about from people all over the country.’
There’s a link here to the last CD of original music they recorded. This music represents sounds of that era. Always evolving, Rob and Nigel have composed enough material since for a series of albums. Improvising and creating new music has never been a problem for these two ever since their beginning on sheep farm wool shed in western NSW over 30 years ago.

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