The String Cartel

13055303_110315572708464_4423150712915550655_nThis project has been talked about between Nigel and Shenzo for a long time. Living in different cities and always touring about has made it a long time coming. An opportunity presented itself at the end of 2015 to spend a day writing and recording an album. Tom Wade on double bass and guitarist Cameron Jones were invited to take part. The debut CD was recorded that night. 12 original tunes and a ‘Djangoesque’ take on a melody by Tchaikovsky. The new band a few weeks after that recorded another album’s worth of tunes and embarked on a tour of the South Pacific as entertainment aboard a couple of P&O cruises.

Along with Nigel on guitar the quartet is;

Shenzo Gregorio plays violin, cavaquinho, mandolin and guitar in the band. (He’s also a master at a variety of other instruments). He has enjoyed many years touring with the renowned Fourplay String Quartet. He’s composed opera’s, worked as a flying stunt violinist, toured the world. He’s basically a musical wizard and slayer of all.

Tom Wade is a Sydney based bass player that is at the forefront of the next exciting generation of musicians coming through. A monstrous monumental talent.

Cameron Jones is the jack of all trades journeyman guitarist who can pull out a blazing solo or lock down the most solid rhythm accompaniment.

The band is a dynamic string quartet. They can rip through all kinds of music from different parts of the world. The influence of their experience and love of different kinds of music shines through in their sound. Classical movements quoted and improvised on to the ‘gypsy jazz’ of Stephane Grapelli and Django. The bebop of Parker to acoustic psychedelia of the Indian fusion group Shakti. Bluegrass, Cuban, latin, flamenco moments, reggae and funk.

Here’s the band recording….

The album ‘Dukkah’ is available here

The String Cartel